Простейший файл конфигурации

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Простейший файл конфигурации

#NeTAMS version 3.1(1205.408) compiled by root@avm

#configuration built Thu Aug 8 09:03:53 2002


#global variables configuration

debug none

user name admin real–name Admin password aaa email root@localhost permit all

#services configuration

service server 0

login local

listen 20001

max–conn 6

service processor 0

lookup–delay 60

flow–lifetime 180

policy name ip target proto ip

policy name www target proto tcp port 80 81 8080 3128

policy name mail target proto tcp port 25 110

restrict all pass local pass

unit group name CLIENTS acct–policy ip www mail

unit host name server ip acct–policy ip www mail

unit user name client1 ip parent CLIENTS

email client1@domain.ru acct–policy ip www mail

unit net name LAN ip acct–policy ip www mail

service storage 1

type mysql

accept all

service data–source 1

type libpcap

source xl1

rule 11 «ip»

service quota 0

policy ip

notify soft <owner>

notify hard <owner> admin

notify return <owner>

service alerter 0

report oid 06100 name rep1 type traffic period day detail simple

smtp–server localhost

service html 0

path /usr/local/www/stat

language en

run 5min

htaccess yes

client–pages all